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Results of Bankrate.com's Oct. 30, 2013, weekly national survey of large lenders and the effect on monthly payments for a $165,000 loan:
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Monthly payment:$813.63$1,169.86$719.00
Change from last week:N/C+$0.18-$0.90
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Why? Maybe it’s because residents enjoy four distinct seasons but the weather’s moderate enough to allow an average of 325 golfing days a year. Or maybe it’s our low crime rate, reasonable cost of living, or corporate and individual citizens deeply committed to preserving Boise’s quality of life.
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My Barefoot Travels

The longer that you live in a country the more “normal” things become which often makes it harder to write, things don’t stand out like they did when I first got here. Today I was riding in the local transport called a dala-dala. They are small van/buses that would hold 15 people if we were back in the states but here there are no limits. My dala had about 23 people in it not including the driver, and no one questions it. It’s amazing to me how something like that has become normal for me. I was sitting in the dala today and was wondering, at point over my first three months here had I become immune to things I originally thought were so weird. Some things have become normal over my time here I have also learned to appreciate things that we all take for granted back home. Here…

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Shaun Tracy

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