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Results of Bankrate.com's Oct. 30, 2013, weekly national survey of large lenders and the effect on monthly payments for a $165,000 loan:
30-year fixed15-year fixed5-year ARM
This week's rate:4.27%3.38%3.26%
Change from last week:N/C+0.01-0.01
Monthly payment:$813.63$1,169.86$719.00
Change from last week:N/C+$0.18-$0.90
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My Barefoot Travels

The longer that you live in a country the more “normal” things become which often makes it harder to write, things don’t stand out like they did when I first got here. Today I was riding in the local transport called a dala-dala. They are small van/buses that would hold 15 people if we were back in the states but here there are no limits. My dala had about 23 people in it not including the driver, and no one questions it. It’s amazing to me how something like that has become normal for me. I was sitting in the dala today and was wondering, at point over my first three months here had I become immune to things I originally thought were so weird. Some things have become normal over my time here I have also learned to appreciate things that we all take for granted back home. Here…

View original post 782 more words

House prices are down. I won’t call you as indicated in the link below but we need to talk.

http://www.thinkbigworksmall.com/mypage/archive/1/53792/  Can you say bargain?  I have many of them.  Short Sales, Foreclosures, Bank owned home…let’s visit.



Nine in 10 U.S. Homeowners Concerned About Home Energy Efficiency

RisMedia reported today in a poll: Nine in 10 U.S. Homeowners Concerned About Home Energy Efficiency
RISMEDIA, September 29, 2010–Home energy efficiency is valued by the vast majority of American homeowners, with 89 percent of national survey respondents indicating that making their home more energy efficient is important to them personally.

Key findings from the September 2010 national survey include:

* Less than one in three homeowners believe their homes are “very” energy efficient
* While the majority reported knowing “a lot” about how to make their homes energy efficient, they mistakenly identified “older windows” as the top energy-loss culprit
* 90% said it is important to have a professional energy auditor who is “certified by an independent national organization”

“These findings are a call to action to the industry to help consumers tap into the true value of an independent energy audit,” said Steve Baden, executive director, RESNET. “While the benefits of window replacement are obvious, it is often a less visible and less expensive repair – for example, sealing cracks around air conditioning and heating ducts – that can significantly improve a home’s energy efficiency and cut homeowners’ utility bills.”

D.C.-based Clarus Research Group, a Qorvis company, conducted a market survey of 800 U.S. homeowners(1) on behalf of RESNET, an industry leader in the energy efficiency marketplace. The sample was defined as adults over 21 years of age who currently own a home or plan to purchase one within the next year. The survey was conducted by Ron Faucheux, Ph.D., president of Clarus and a nationally recognized research and polling expert.

Key among other survey findings:

* 86% of homeowners would trust an energy audit performed by someone who was “certified by an independent national organization” over someone who was not
* 80% of those surveyed said that if they were in the market to buy a home, an energy audit conducted by an “unbiased professional” would be important to them

BSU Does It Again!

Good Monday Morning! Your Boise Realtor has true Bronco Spirit! It was a great game this weekend; the Boise State Broncos continue to roll and summer has returned for another round.  It looks like a gorgeous Indian summer week ahead of us.  Keep ‘em coming! I hope that you will visit my Boise Real Estate blog often to stay up to date on the latest news and happenings in the Idaho real estate market, and visit my main Boise Realtor website for the best Boise Home Searches and homes online! Now on to today’s news!

Most Americans now have credit scores that are too low for them to qualify for the lowest rates on a mortgage loan.  Nearly one in three are unlikely to get a loan on any terms, according to an analysis by Zillow.

Zillow analyzed 25,000 loan quotes and requests on the Zillow Mortgage Marketplace during the first half of September, and found borrowers were unlikely to receive even one loan quote if they had a credit score of below 620 — even if they offered to make large down payments of 15 to 25 percent.

Even more concerning is that most Americans are not able to take advantage of the low mortgage interest rates for a home refinance either.  The fact is that with home values declining as far as they have, far too many homeowners just do not have the equity position to be able to qualify for a refinance.  What a shame with rates continuing to hold at historical low rates.

Have An Awesome Week!  Here is a current listing with a virtual tour for $1.1M.  Enjoy:

SE Boise 1 acre on the Boise River!  1.1

Hello Boise Idaho!

Thank you for visiting my Boise Idaho Real Estate blog! I have been helping individuals and families in Idaho and across the country find the best Idaho homes online for over 15 years! It is my passion for helping others find the homes of their dreams in the great state of Idaho that drives me to provide the very best Boise Realtor services online today!

Looking to relocate to Boise? Tired of searching endlessly for just the right home for you? I can help make your home finding process much easier by offering my years of experience in the market to you! Don’t delay – contact me, Shaun Tracy, today for the best Boise homes online!

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